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Kilo Health

Become healthier with an personal trainer in an app



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The Client

Designed in 2019. The client was Kilo Health, The second fastest growing company in Europe. Kilo Health is a digital health and wellness tech business that aims to spur new growth in the digital health space by creating new tech products and helping startups in the industry grow. Founded in 2013, Kilo Health has already risen to the forefront of the industry.

The Problem

The challenge here was to achieve results in just a couple of months. The client has a couple of different approaches on how to build the app, and we ran a full 5-day design sprint to pick the two prototypes to test and get feedback. Moreover, It's a difficult task to create an app that forces you to change your habits and works as a marketplace at the same time.

The Solution

Thanks to our quick user research with people in the USA who want to lose weight, we found the offering that resonated the most. We worked with the in-house team to create detailed wireframes and continued building the UI ourselves.

"You can always rely on Vytas to lead the whole design process and deliver great results, quickly."

Eric P.

Kilo Health