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Subscription platform for the food industry



UX design

UI design




Food / social



The Client

A client we worked with before approached us with a new idea they had for a subscription platform in the food industry. The idea is pretty simple - a platform for restaurant chains, influencers and chefs to offer subscriptions to their content. But there's one catch - time and budget limitation.

The Problem

We needed to deliver the whole product design with basic visual identity within a month, and with a very tight budget. Since we already had a good relationship with the client we decided to take up this challenge.

The Solution

We came up with the basic brand design within a few days - the main inspiration for us was the name of this new platform - Column [ a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine, usually on a particular subject, that is always written by the same person and appears regularly].

Then we designed the main screens so the client can quickly implement them and show them to their users. We used the rest of the time designing other screens and adjusting them based on user feedback.

"Outframe has been a great design partner for our company. They’ve quickly designed a new product offering some time ago and it’s still going great . And they can provide solutions with minimal direction and feedback."

Martynas Vyzintas

CEO, Tellq

"Vytas is an accomplished, efficient and creative designer.
Not only that, but his process extends to the overall business strategy, making helpful suggestions on the feature set and product roadmap.

He works quickly and efficiently to produce stylish and usable designs.”

Michael Dunnet-Stone

CEO, Feasty