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A 4-year relationship redesigning a big Enterprise platform



UX design

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The Client

The client is a B2B tech company serving enterprise clients in a specific niche. Their platform helps customers create and manage internal and external projects, customers, schedules, accounting workflow and more. It is an ongoing project, hence we could not share sensitive information about the client or their niche.

The Problem

The existing platform was built a long time ago and designed by their internal development and management team. It had many user experience issues and outdated, inconsistent visual design. The client decided to rewrite their whole application, and they saw it as an opportunity to completely redesign their product.

The Solution

Redesigning a platform as big as theirs required a huge amount of strategy and planning. We worked with the client to plan our steps and better understand their problems and frustrations. We went with a more fun and colourful direction as the client didn’t want it to look like a typical enterprise platform. Below you will see some of the work we have done.